The Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation programme


Geography of the projects Geography of the projects

Summary of the projects

Materials of the conference, 27-28 April 2011

Preparation and business planning of climate projects

The Norwegian-Ukrainian programme

Programme is operated by Norsk Energi in cooperation with Ukrainian partners.

In conditions of growing energy saving demand and alternative energy in Ukraine, new sources of financing, including sales of greenhouse gases emissions quotas. However, despite an abundance of interesting project ideas, most of them require assistance in development of competent business plans for receiving loans or investments.

Throughout the program experts of Norwegian Association of suppliers and consumers of energy "Norsk Energi", in cooperation with Ukrainian partners, assistance was provided free of charge for Ukrainian companies and experts in the preparation of real projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and obtain funding.

Methodological support for specific projects, transfer of modern Scandinavian approaches to projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy, development assistance with the calculations of GHG emissions, preparation of business plans and PINs was provided.

During 2008-2009, 10 project ideas (PIN) were prepared, 15 business plans were developed, 20 people were trained. During the 2010-2011, 12 business plans were prepared, 11 project ideas (PIN) were developed, 10 people received training.

Brief information about developed projects can be obtained from the project summary that is attached to the titles of the projects in the table. For more information, please contact the owner of the respective project (contact information in summary of the project) or us (our contact details can be found here). Today elaboration of funding sources and mechanisms and the implementation of the developed projects is conducted.

Summaries of the projects

Project title, location Business plan PIN
Biogas complex installation on the basis of the pig farm Ltd. "Agrofirma LAN", Kharkiv region + +
Biogas complex installation on the basis of pig farm of PF "Zorya", Dnipropetrovska oblast +
Polygon biogas and waste management
Utilization of biogas from organic waste at landfill #2, Zaporozhye + +
Degassing of the closed landfill, Sumy +
Construction of the complex for the production of alternative fuels and energy from waste in Smila, Cherkasska oblast +
Construction of a small 5 MW thermal power station waste incineration plant "Energy", Kiev + +
capture and destruction of Methane from LFG at the landfill of municipal solid waste, Khmelnitsky + +
Construction of the municipal solid waste disposal and biogas power generation recycling complex in Dnepropetrovsk + +
Production and use of biofuels
The project of pellets production organization in Mezhgorsky region, Zakarpatska oblast +
Transition of Akhtyrskaya thermal power station on large-fractional solid fuel, Sumskaya oblast +
Creation of a new thermal power plant on the existing boiler plant, Vasilkyv, Kievskaya oblast + +
Construction of a new thermal power plant, Nikopol + +
Alternative energy sources
Construction of a small 1 MW GPS, Zhitomir + +
Construction of 50 MW wind power plant, Globyno, Poltavska oblast + +

April 27-28, 2011 - an International conference was held in Kiev, Ukraine. The objective of the conference was a dialogue between a wide range of stakeholders involved in the project implementation. The event was attended by the owners of the projects, their developers, financial institutions, presented both in Ukraine and abroad as well as government representatives and buyers of carbon credits.

The further course of action on Programme

  1. Creating a portal for development of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
  2. Development and organization of refresher course on the program "Business planning of climate projects in Ukraine" for specialists of engineering and technical personnel of enterprises (organizations, institutions). A preliminary study plan can be viewed by reference link. (Training Plan)
Business Planning of Climate Projects' - 2010 (pdf)
Norwegian - Ukrainian Programme on Climate Mitigation Projects
The Norwegian - Ukrainian Co-operation on Climate Project's Development in Ukraine
Norwegian-Ukrainian cooperation on the development of of climate projects in Ukraine